Saturday, March 31, 2007

SBA Monarchy Builds Palace Office

The new SBA monarch has turned the SBA Office into a palace, with
to luxurious trappings including golden curtains, life-size Roman statues, and free-flowing candy for officers.

Said the SBA Press Secretary, "this palace isn't about self-aggrandizement - this is about providing the amenities that the SBA officers have earned through hard work, loyalty, and siphoning off funds from your tuition."

The SBA assured auditors that no funds were unnecessarily spent on the construction of the palace. "Just like the ancient Egyptians doled out beer to numb the pain of forced labor building the pyramids, so do we promote Thirsty Thursday, Bar Review..."

In other news, the Mock Trial board, EJF, ELA, the ADR Board, and the Government Contracts Journal have agreed to work together to purchase a new stapler. "This joint endeavor was clearly necessary given our already stretched budgets- things like paper aren't free" said the incoming president of ADR.