Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mormons Throw Thirst Thursday Kegger; Deny Root Beer to Underaged 1Ls

While co-hosting the last Thirsty Thursday, the Mormon law society "J. Reubens Clark" had to play hardball with several underaged 1Ls attempting to sneak access to the Old Dominion Root Beer keg.

Said one Reubens representative, "I feel for these kids, but the law is the law. I can't in good conscience go willy nilly handing out a hardcore beverage like root beer or, dare we consider it, ginger ale, to an underage student. What if that student decides to drink and ride the metro? That would be on my conscience for the rest of my life."

The Reubens initially offered the Root Beer with an ice cream "float" option, though the ice cream ran out early - to the sadness of many of the law school's sober constituents.

According to one student, "I can't drink root beer for religious reasons, so I was really excited about the ice cream. I was going to order a Virgin Root Beer Float - you know, a Root Beer Float, hold the Root Beer - but they ran out of ice cream too early."