Monday, March 19, 2007

CDO Hires Fired US Attorneys

The US Attorneys recently fired by the Bush Administration are now working in various capacities within the GW CDO. On why he accepted the job, former US Attorney John McKay said, "I am disappointed with the president. I am disappointed with the attorney general. But mostly, I am disappointed that I am now flat-ass broke, and $10 an hour sounds pretty good."

John McKay, wearing a poor man's shirt

Former US Attorney Carol Lam said she is "happy" doing data entry in the CDO Library - "According to my DOJ performance reviews, I have just the right skill set for this job - prosecuting mob bosses and international terrorists was way beyond my capabilities, obviously."

Most surprising are the rumors that former US Attorney David Iglesias, after only a week as the "CDO door welcomer guy," has muscled his way into the number two position in the CDO and is making a play for the top spot. "He has such a baby face, we weren't expecting this type of machiavellian politics," said one insider, who then retorted, "ironically, as a US Attorney, neither was he..."

BabyFace Iglesias