Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cake Baron Buys E Building Name Rights; Stands As Symbol of Courage for All Who Want to Get the Hell Away From Legal Practice

GW students will soon hold courses in “CakeLove 101” due to a recent agreement reached between the law school and GW Alum Warren Brown.

Brown famously graduated with joint degrees from GW in Law and Public Health in 1998 with the goal of being a "reproductive health" advocate. After an enthralling half-year career with Health and Human Services, Brown "made a New Year’s resolution for 1999 [to] drop [his] fear of flour and learn the best ways to work with sugar."

Said Brown, “We’re really excited about the move. I just felt like now was the time to show my loyalty to my GW roots. Whenever I visit the law school, I’m inspired by the bake sales – the Criminal Law Society, the International Law Society, the Animal Rights Society – everybody bakes at this school!”

The CDO filed a formal protest with the sale of the naming rights. The CDO statement said, "The CDO has long had a policy discouraging students from abandoning student internships. The fact that Mr. Brown quit his 1L summer internship after 3 weeks sets a dangerous precedent for our students."

According to a JDBliss interview with Mr. Brown, the internship "was just all wrong... I thought [a few close colleagues would] tell me I should be ashamed of myself for quitting, but instead they all congratulated me for having the courage to do it. That experience helped give me the confidence to leave the law."

As part of the deal, Brown and the school will install a CakeLove factory in the basement of the old E Building. Students will have the opportunity to utilize the factory and work with Brown by enrolling in a 3-credit “CakeLove Pro Bono Clinic” where they can prepare baked goods for discrete and insular minorities.