Saturday, February 24, 2007

Socrates Wants Socratic Method Back; Sues for Injunctive Relief

Korean Scientist Dr. Hwang announced today that he successfully cloned 5th Century BCE philosopher Socrates. Socrates, for his part, quickly adapted to 21st century life by hiring a cadre of lawyers to sue law professors everywhere for stealing his Socratic Method.

In a press conference, Socrates asked reporters, "When did law professors begin to use the Socratic Method to teach, and how pervasive is the use of this method in American schools? How essential is the Socratic Method to the the education of law students? If the Socratic Method is so endemic and beneficial to law students' education, how much compensation am I owed for its theft?"

Legal analyst Greta Van Grace said, "I think we can expect a very protracted discovery process for this case - lots of interrogatories on both sides, for sure."