Saturday, February 24, 2007

Radical Liberal GW Feminists Sell Valentines, Baked Goods - Look Forward to Knit-Offs

GW feminists said they are pleased with the results of their wildly successful Valentines fundraiser, following the less-successful bake sale fundraiser. Said one Feminist Forum member "We couldn't think of a better way to spread the message of feminism than associating feminism with baked goods and Valentine's Day... we were a little worried it would make us look radical, but we are proud to wear the 'liberal' badge."

Spirits were low among GW feminists after the failed Bake Sale commemorating Roe v. Wade. "Apparently, no one wanted to buy cookies that were only half baked," said one Bake Sale member.

GW feminists are ready to plan their next stereotype-busting fundraiser. "We are thinking of either knitting mittens and scarves for orphans in sub-saharan Africa, or holding an 'Ice Cream and Grey's Anatomy' social to raise awareness for the plight of iPod-less law students."